Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jam Circus, Brockley

Jam Circus is a trendy name for a pub isn't it! Conjours all sorts of images! Well, two. It's actually a sort of pub/bar/living room hybrid, complete with a fireplace, random crockery and mandatory scruffy leather armchairs. In keeping with the circusy vibe, there are red velvet curtains that act as dividers between different sections, twinkly fairy lights and framed pictures of slightly scary clowns. 

Guys, look, there's even bunting. Slight fire hazard maybe but very cheery for a shitty day in June nonetheless. The fire was on for fuck's sake. In JUNE. Anyway, the website hasn't been updated to reflect the price increases, mains are between £1 and £2 more expensive, as are the cocktails. This shouldn't put you off though, they're still reasonable because the food is quality, staff are welcoming and the drinks are fun. 
A medium glass of the house red (175ml) was £3.55 and beers are pretty on the money for the area. I tried their 'Cocktail Of The Month' for £6.40, June's is the 'Supergrass', a combination of vodka, Midori, apple juice and soda which was a merry green colour that kind of reminded me of that glowing nuclear thing that slips down Homer's shirt in the opening credits of The Simpsons. Anyway, it certainly had a kick to it. 
There's usually a nice mix of people here, students on first dates, friends who've lived in Brockley for years, 20-somethings after a days work in the big smoke - even the odd clown in for a pint in the evening (not really). And there are enough little alcoves and corners for the place to feel nice and private, perfect for catch ups, dates and meetings between spies.

Jam Circus serves gastropubby food for typical gastropubby prices. Burgers with posh toppings? Check. Steak and chips? Check. Spatchcock poussin? Slightly less typical but check - I went with this option. The difference between JC and what feels like the hundreds of similar seeming places cropping up in SE London recently is that Jam Circus clearly focuses on often locally sourced, good quality ingredients and cooking. The poussin was £9 and perfectly charcoally and sticky at the same time, delicious - if a little tricky to eat with a knife and fork so I ended up picking the meat off the bone with my hands, caveman style. Prices are manageable and portions are generous - you will not go hungry. And the salad it came with was a cut above a few sad lettuce leaves on the side of the plate - nicely dressed and the tomatoes and olives went nicely with the greek-y taste of the bird.
My trusty companion had the warm smoked mackerel salad with asparagus and a crumbed soft boiled egg (a scotch egg without the porky jumper) that had a perfectly runny yolk. Nice combo and the asparagus had a good bite to it. A bit of a steal at £5 so a side order of chips had to be gotten, mine were great too.
We came on a Tuesday and didn't realise it was Pub Quiz night, sadly couldn't stay for it so will defo be returning for some quiz action to try and win some sweet cash! Mazel Tov people of Brockley, great local.

Jam Circus
330-332 Brockley Road
Tel. 0208 692 3320
Opening times: 
Sun-Thurs, Noon-Midnight
Fri, Noon-1am
Sat, 11am-1am

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